Every year Slovakia becomes more and more popular not only among curious tourists but also among applicants from all over the world. This small and cozy country attracts with its high standard of living, stability, security, convenient geographical location (Slovakia borders Austria, the Czech Republic, Hungary and Poland. Also Vienna and Bratislava are the closest capitals in Europe – the distance between them is only 80 km) and quality of education. Slovakia is famous for its beautiful nature with the high Tatras and Carpathians, affordable prices, friendly people and geographic position in the heart of Europe.

Reasons to choose Slovakia

карта иконка

Convenient geographic location. Located in the center of Europe, Slovakia borders Austria, the Czech Republic, Hungary and Poland and also is a member of the European Union.

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Rich culture.There are 9 national parks in Slovakia, and its culture retains the greatness of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, as well as the history of an independent state.

экономика иконка

Low unemployment and decent standard of living. The country has favorable business conditions, low prices and decent salaries. The unemployment rate does not exceed 7.4%.

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Free education in Slovak. Studying at universities in the Slovak language is free even for foreign students.

A diploma is recognized by other countries. The European Union and the rest of the world are employing citizens with Slovak diplomas.

обмен студентов

Student exchange programs. In the universities of Slovakia, there are many student exchange programs, thanks to which you can go to study or have an internship almost anywhere in the world.


Student discounts. Student cards in Slovakia offer you more than 42,000 discounts and privileges around the world.

низкие цены

Low prices. Slovakia is the seventh most affordable country in the European Union, according to the statistical office Eurostat.


Schengen area. Slovakia is part of the Schengen area, which gives holders of a Slovak visa the right to travel freely to more than 20 European countries.

высокие зарплаты

High salaries. In Slovakia, the level of salaries is quite high – the average salary here is more than 1000 euros, while in Bratislava this amount exceeds 1500 euros.


Stable economy. Slovakia is a developed industrial-agrarian republic with a high, constantly growing economy.


Safety and comfort. Slovakia is a small and calm country with peaceful people and safe streets at any time of the day.

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Accommodation in Slovakia

  • Student and public dormitories in Slovakia. Many higher education institutions offer places in their dormitories for nonresident and foreign students. All of them meet all international standards and are equipped with everything you need.
  • Apartment in Bratislava. Many working people rent an apartment in Slovakia. If you live with friends or acquaintances, its cost will be more affordable. However, do not forget that you will need to pay one or two months in advance, and often also pay for the services of an estate agent.
  • Accommodation in the suburbs. If you are more comfortable living away from the bustling city and getting to the center by public transport, you can find housing in the suburbs. This option will be more profitable financially, but be prepared to spend more time on the road and money on travel tickets. This option is more often chosen by couples who plan their family lives away from the noisy city.


Slovakia is also widely known for its delicious cuisine. Here you can taste such delicacies as dumplings with feta cheese, baked goose and stuffed fish. Also in Slovakia there are chains of cafes and small fast food restaurants, including those familiar to residents of other countries. The cost of an average lunch in a student canteen will be only 2 euros, making student life in Slovakia even more affordable.

Public transport

Slovakia’s motorway network is considered one of the most developed in the center of Europe. The most convenient way to travel around the country is by train. It costs less than a bus. Students buy a pass for a year or 90 days, depending on their needs. The pass covers all types of public transport and is the most popular mode of transportation in Slovakia. Getting lost in the Slovak capital is quite difficult: the stops have detailed descriptions of transport routes and timetables.


Slovakia is also known for its safety, comfort and peace. All residential roads, as well as cycle paths with motor roads, are well lit at night. There are practically no stray dogs and cats in Slovakia, and not a single terrorist threat has been recorded in the entire history of the country’s independence.

Slovaks value their comfort, respect the personal boundaries of other people, follow the rules on the road and do everything to make living in their country as comfortable, easy and safe as possible.

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