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MSM Projects

The International Union of Youth (MSM) is a union of international organizations in the field of sports, culture, and education, which was founded in the Czech Republic in 2007. MSM in Slovakia invites young people from all over the world to visit this amazing country and to continue their studies at one of its universities. We offer foundation courses in Slovak and English.

Over the years of our work, we have acquired a large network of partners and representatives all over the world, we are supported by the best state universities in Slovakia, on the basis of which we conduct foundation courses. Our projects also include the language academy MSM Academy in the very center of Prague and the MSM Football Academy.

MSM Sports Programs. In addition to high-quality language training in preparatory courses in Slovakia, we have also developed various sports programs in the Czech Republic, including summer camps with dance, tennis, fitness, and football classes, as well as the above-mentioned MSM Football Academy. These programs take place in the neighboring country of Slovakia – the Czech Republic and annually gather thousands of students from all over the world. We also arrange language summer camps in Prague with the study of Czech, German, English, and even preparation for the IELTS test.

We also offer a wide variety of programs abroad, ranging from summer camps to university preparation programs. Our managers will be happy to select a suitable country and training program for you – just fill out the contact form below or contact us in any way convenient for you.

MSM in Slovakia

The International Union of Youth expanded its activities to one more country of the European Union in 2020. Now, with our help, you can also enter the best universities in Slovakia and continue your studies in Europe. Here you will find a comfortable and safe life, quality education, a prestigious diploma, and broad prospects for further employment.

By choosing one of the MSM programs, you invest in your successful future and get one step closer to the prestigious European diploma. After all, our lecturers are native speakers and real professionals in their field. Classes are held in an interactive manner, which allows all students to learn the material faster and better. Thanks to this approach, the overwhelming majority of schoolchildren, students, and young professionals who choose the MSM programs achieve their goals. Every year they successfully enter universities in the USA, Canada, Great Britain, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and other countries.

We cooperate with international linguistic centers and major European universities. In November 2020, the University of Economics in Bratislava became our partner, and now, on its basis, everyone can take preparatory courses in English or Slovak. This prestigious university is one of the best in Slovakia, and the quality of teaching in it allows you to prepare well for passing the entrance exams and learn the language at the proper level.

MSM courses in Slovakia are your sure way to a successful future in a developing European country.

MSM Activities

The International Union of Youth is known not only for its educational programs, but also as an organizer of large-scale international events. Among the most famous of them:

  • International KVN Festival – Prague Cup, which was held jointly with the AMIK TV company, A. Maslyakov and KVN stars (the festival brought together more than 2500 guests from all over the world).
  • Slavic evening at the Zofin palace in Prague (more than 1100 guests attended the evening).
  • International Student Ball at the Zofin Palace in Prague with over 1500 guests.
  • Annual international football tournaments in Prague.
  • Student conferences, educational forums, exhibitions and seminars around the world.
Дворей Жофин

Our Partners

The International Union of Youth closely cooperates with the Ministry of Culture of Prague, the Ministry of Youth and Sports of Ukraine, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, the Embassy of Kazakhstan, the Turkish Embassy, Czech and Slovak state universities, the AMIK television company, the International KVN Union, the Czech Football Federation, the Prague Football Federation and many other public and state organizations.

Our Educational Programs

During the yeard of its’ work MSM chose a priority area of ​​work. This is active assistance to foreign applicants in their admission to higher educational institutions in Slovakia and other European countries. We offer programs of different lengths: from one-year to half-year course programs. Whichever length of stay in Bratislava you choose, we will take care of everything, from collecting documents to a cultural program and coordinators’ support in Slovakia.

MSM Mission

One of our main projects is education in Bratislava. By participating in programs designed specifically for young people, applicants from different countries can quickly adapt to life in Europe, prepare for admission and start studying in the chosen field. We not only help to find housing for the period of study, but also advise our wards in case of any difficulties, as well as provide them with support during the entire period of their stay in the Slovak Republic.

Our Main Priorities

  • Providing future students with high-quality additional education, which allows them to fully prepare for admission to selected universities in Europe.
  • Informational support of students and their parents at all stages of the program.
  • Constant contact with students and their parents during the program.
  • Supervising students in the process of studying abroad, supplying SIM cards, travel tickets for the first time, assistance in adaptation in Europe and a cultural and entertainment program.
  • Supporting young people pursuing the desire to participate in sports, scientific and creative activities.

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