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Higher Education in Slovakia

Everyone knows that a diploma obtained in one of the prestigious universities abroad not only significantly increases the chances of employment but also provides a unique opportunity to obtain high-quality theoretical and practical knowledge, plunge into a new culture, live in a new country and make useful contacts from all over the world. One of the most popular and affordable directions is higher education in Slovakia.

In order to prepare for admission to universities in Slovakia and Europe, we have developed specialized preparatory programs. Choose your study program or contact us for a detailed consultation.

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Foundation Slovak Course at EUBA

Slovak course at the leading economic university in Slovakia – EUBA (University of Economics in Bratislava). You can choose between one-year and half-year programs.

Foundation Slovak Course at STU

This preparatory course of the Slovak language takes place at the Slovak University of Technology (STU) and is available in one-year and half-year versions.

Foundation English Course at EUBA

Intensive English course to prepare for admission to universities in Slovakia and other countries. You can choose between one-year and half-year study programs.

Foundation English Сourse at STU

Preparatory course with the study of English on the basis of the state university – Slovak University of Technology (STU). You can study in one-year or half-year programs.

International Union of Youth

MSM (International Union of Youth) was established in Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic in 2007. Over the years of our work, we have helped over 3000 students to get an education abroad. Our specialists in offices in Prague, Kyiv, Moscow, St. Petersburg, and Almaty, as well as representatives around the world, are always ready to answer all your questions and choose the best educational program for you.

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