Nostrification of a diploma in Slovakia

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Nostrification of a diploma in Slovakia

In Slovak universities, it makes no difference for teachers and the student community where a new student comes from. Residents of other countries feel comfortable in the universities of Bratislava and other cities of the Slovak Republic. But in order to study on its territory, it is necessary to confirm that the document on education received in another country is valid. Its recognition may be required by a citizen moving to the country for work or as part of the educational process, for a number of reasons.

  • You cannot enter the university to master’s and doctoral studies without a recognized (nostrified) document.
  • Nostrified document is also important for employers ,when hiring employees for a number of high-paying positions.
  • You can open your business in a number of areas only with a recognized (nostrified) diploma.
  • Without this document it will be impossible to retrain or improve qualifications in the chosen professional field in Slovakia.

To start working in a specialty, it is not necessary to get higher education again. You can issue the recognition of a bachelor’s degree and continue your studies on a master’s degree in the territory of Slovak Republic. To avoid the difficulties with unrecognized documentation, it is important to go through this simple, but important and useful procedure on time.

Нострификация диплома в Словакии

How goes the procedure of diploma nostrification in Slovakia

Unlike the process of document recognition in many EU countries, the recognition of a diploma in Slovakia takes place in fewer and simpler stages. If it has already been nostrified in one of the EU states, you can simply issue a confirmation. But for the third countries (not members of the European Union) the procedure is different. On average, the procedure takes about 2 months if the purpose of stay in the country is work. For those wishing to continue their studies, this period is reduced to 30 days.

Usually a student or citizen moving to the Slovak Republic for work submits an application to the Ministry of Education with a package of required documents. After the Ministry approves the application, they can be redirected to the chosen university. It is important that the chosen curriculum corresponds as much as possible to the already mastered one. If the difference is significant, the application may not be accepted.

Nostrification of a diploma in Slovakia for those wishing to re-enroll in a university or build a career requires a relatively small list of documents. It includes:

  • A copy of the certificate of higher education and all its supplements in the applicant’s native language with an apostille, certified by a Slovak notary.
  • A copy of a valid passport.
  • Official translation of copies by Slovak experts and certified in the country.
  • Application form. It is important to indicate the information about the applicant, the university at which he/she studied, the educational program, as well as the address of the applicant.

In some cases, a certificate is required confirming a sufficient level of proficiency in the state language, or a certificate of successful passing of exams. All this must be prepared accordingly. If any of the application conditions will be not not met, the application will be rejected. The decision is taken by the Ministry of Education, Science, Research and Sports of the Slovak Republic.

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Diploma recognition in Slovakia with MSM

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