Educational system in Slovakia

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Educational system in Slovakia

The education in Slovakia and its system in Slovakia is in many ways similar to other countries of the European Union and Eastern Europe. However, there are certain things to consider. During the first 30 years of life, a Slovak can get an education in:

  • Preschool institutions
  • Junior and high school
  • Gymnasium or college
  • University

A specialist may not stop at the university level, the opportunities are limitless. You can get 2 or more professions, expand and deepen the area of knowledge, or even completely change your profession.

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Education in Slovakia – preschool

Children under the age of 3, as in other countries of the world, go to a children’s nursery. There they are looked after by caring nannies, but the emphasis on development and preparation for primary school is in the kindergarten. From 3 to 6 years old, kids attend private or municipal preschool educational institutions. Public kindergarten costs 20-40 euros per month for parents. The cost of a private kindergarten varies depending on the institution. In some kindergartens, children are even taught to speak English, German, or Spanish, and their creative skills are developed in every possible way.

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Education in Slovakia: from school to university

The primary school teaches Slovak children the basics of the language, mathematics, the world around them, and other most important subjects. This is a stage without which it is impossible to adapt to the society of peers, therefore, from 6 to 10 years old, primary school students study in large groups.

The second stage lasts from 10 to 15 years. Children continue their education in gymnasiums, secondary schools, or colleges. Some young Slovaks by the time they enter a higher educational institution already have the title from specialized schools as “junior specialists”. As a rule, students study in secondary specialized schools for 4 years.

In gymnasiums, the quality of teaching is higher, and preparation for the university is a priority. But it doesn’t mean that only students who went to gymnasium can apply to university. Anyone can successfully enroll if he/she has sufficient knowledge and skills to pass the entrance exams.

Education in Slovakia is attractive to many students since its quality meets all the standards of the European Union. Students can choose which subjects to devote more time to. Their schedule directly depends on their choice and meets all needs for future education.

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Higher Education in Slovak Universities

In total, the Slovak Republic has 20 common public universities, a police academy, a military academy, and a medical university, as well as 10 common private universities. Public universities benefit from their free study opportunities that everyone, including foreigners, can use. The most famous and prestigious are the University of Economics in Bratislava, and the Slovak  University of Technology in Bratislava, as well as the Comenius University in Bratislava. Other educational institutions also have a strong teaching staff and a wide range of areas.

If desired, the student can obtain the following degrees:

  • Bachelor. The initial stage lasts 3-3.5 years.
  • Master or engineer. Assigned after 2 years.
  • Ph.D. Analogue of American Ph.D.

The total period of study depends only on the needs of the person. Graduates who have studied for only 3 years can find a good job. But, the deeper the expert’s knowledge, the narrower the niche he can occupy in the future. Often the salaries in such positions are significantly higher.

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Bachelor program

Higher education of the first stage is considered complete. Having defended the diploma on the chosen topic and having passed the list of necessary exams, the graduate receives a bachelor’s degree. This is written in his university graduation certificate. Young specialists are willingly hired, but they have to either engage in advanced training without interrupting the work process or be patient with slow career growth.

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Master Program

Upon admission to the master’s program, you must pass several entrance tests or go through an oral interview. All of this is important for the university since the priority goes to young and talented graduates, who will be engaged in the educational process, scientific activity, and professional growth. In order for a foreign student to enroll, he needs intensive language and specialized subject courses. Which the International Union of Youth can provide.

Doctorate or Ph.D

If you are a true fan of science and want to deepen your knowledge – doctoral programs are a good choice for you. A doctoral degree is awarded to students who have completed 2-3 years of the study program and defended a thesis. This is the highest level of education, that is why doctoral students can teach other students without interrupting their own educational program.

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