Study in Slovakia: Frequently Asked Questions

обучение в словакии

Study in Slovakia:
Frequently Asked Questions

study in slovakia

This section of the site contains answers to the most frequent questions that future students and their parents ask us. How much does it cost to study in Slovakia? How is the nostrification procedure going and what is it for? What conditions will the student live in? All this information you can find in this section of the website.

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The size of the monthly social scholarship for bachelors and masters in Slovakia ranges from 10 to 280 euros. You should get more detailed information at each specific university. Students can also enjoy various discounts provided by the local Ministry of Education. Private universities also support the best students, but the amount of payments depends on the internal regulations and is individual for each educational institution.

The Slovak education system is similar to other countries of the European Union. Classes begin in September, but the exact date depends on the individual educational institution. In some universities, it is 1st September, while in others it is September 21 or 28.

Each subject of the educational program gives credits. These are points that you need to accumulate a certain amount during your study. If they are not enough, the student can be expelled.

Today in European countries there is a great demand for the following specialties: IT specialists, engineers, doctors, economists, analysts and marketing and advertising specialists. However, this data may also change – for more current information, please contact one of our specialists.

For foreign citizens, education is free (or provided subject to the payment of mandatory fees) in the Czech Republic, Germany, France, Austria, and Slovakia.

This is the procedure for recognizing a diploma of higher or secondary education. After nostrification, a diploma obtained in other countries is considered equivalent to a European one. The nostrification must be completed before study in Slovakia and entering a Slovak university since this is the only way to confirm that the school or university program has been mastered.

The Slovak Republic is a country with prices below the European average. Students can enjoy various discounts, and the average cost of lunch in the student canteen is 2-3 euros.

The cost of study in English is 1000-7000 euros per year, depending on the chosen university and the training program. The educational program in state universities in Slovak for foreign students who have confirmed their knowledge of the language is free.

The Slovak language comes from the Slovanian group of languages. It is mastered by applicants within the 1-year program. Especially with the help of professional teachers and practicing it during your preparatory course in Slovakia.

Most universities accepting applications from January to April, and if there are entrance exams, the deadline may come even earlier. More precise information on the dates can be found on the pages of each Slovak university or on their official websites.

Most often, foreigners are provided with a room in a dormitory. If for some reason, their number is limited, you can search for housing in private campuses on the websites where rent offers are placed specifically for students. It is convenient to compare prices and living conditions there.

Student life in Slovakia is not limited to just studying. Many companies are willing to hire students for a limited number of hours per week, paying them good money to start their careers. Average student earnings are 3-5 euros per hour. A good idea will be to get an internship in senior years. If the employer notices the student’s efforts, he has a chance to stay in the position even after the internship.

If at the moment you are choosing between Slovakia and studying in your country, we advise you the first option. The European quality of education and the opportunity to go on an exchange program to leading EU universities will be a good basis for building a successful career. As for students who have already received a bachelor’s degree in their home country, this is a good opportunity to deepen their knowledge and find work in Europe after completing their second stage of higher education.

Some universities require admission tests or oral interviews. Most of them require proof of knowledge of Slovak. More information can be found in the description of universities on our website.

You can study at Slovak universities at any age. The only requirement is the presence of a nostrified certificate of secondary education.

You can choose a dormitory taking into account the location, living conditions, monthly fees, and other important criteria. Our consultants will help applicants with this. The cost of living per month varies from 200 euros, depending on the educational institution and the city in which the dormitory is located.

On average, a student spends 400-450 euros per month. This amount includes food, accommodation, travel, buying essentials, mobile phone bills, and other expenses. There are good discounts for young people in many cafes, supermarkets, shopping centers, museums, and theaters, and they are worth using.

Since 2007, the International Union of Youth has been helping students to enter European universities. We provide students with an educational program that allows them to master Slovak or English at the required level in 1 year or 1 semester and prepare for the entrance exams. Much depends on the willingness to study of the applicant and ability to learn new things, but about 98% of our students successfully enter the universities of the European Union.

Sometimes having a nostrified diploma of special education not only does not prevent the applicant from enrolling, but also relieves him of the need to pass some exams. However, each case must be considered individually.

If you still have questions and want to study in Slovakia – fill out the contact form at the bottom of the page or contact us in any way convenient for you and we will be happy to answer all your questions.

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